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Here in the Karin Herzog office we regularly hear our clients raving about the benefits these products have made to their skin - often within just a couple of weeks. It's always great to hear these successes, and especially when someone takes the trouble to write about their experiences online. Here's an extract from one of the most recent reviews, from UK blogger The Librarian;

"Now a bit about what is supposed to make this so special, it is an oil free formula which contains 2% active oxygen. What has oxygen got to do with good skin other than helping us stay alive? Well Herzog claims that it penetrates the skin to neutralise bacteria that cause acne and help clear out toxins. I honestly don't know if this is true, but it sounds good, and I imagine the oxygen content is what makes it such a dream to use.The real bit that got me interested however was that this product helps balance the hydro-lipid film of the skin, it is effectively a sebo-regulator, it balances your natural oil production. Now I have been reading up about this layer that protects our skin and how acne is often caused by it being damaged, having seen huge results when on Roaccutane (which inhibits oil production just in case you aren't aware) I know now that the majority of my acne is oil based. Get rid of the oil and I don't get the spots. Obviously I can't stay on that treatment forever, and my skin seems to go back to a bit of oiliness once I come off it so I have been trying to find ways to regulate, rather than attempt to dry up all of my natural oils. If your hydro-lipid layer is damaged, you produce more natural oils to protect your skin from harm, so preserve that layer and your sin will naturally go back to being a "normal" type. I love this theory, and I really am noticing that my skin is a little less oily throughout the day, I am not glow free, but I feel less grubby by home time. I have also been experiencing less acne breakouts and my skin looks and feels much healthier than it has done in a while.

All in all, I am so glad I gave this a try, it is a little tube of luxury for my morning routine and I am so far reaping the benefits. I will obviously continue to use it and see how it goes, but I have a funny feeling it will be sticking around in my skincare routine for a long time.

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